One shining day, moment

Chloe Kerr NASCAR Diversity Awards_Mom_Dad
(R to L) Maggie, Chloe’, & Lloyd Kerr celebrating at the NASCAR Diversity Awards in February 2015

The NASCAR Diversity Internship Program is a gift that keeps on giving.  Two years ago I made a list of places I wanted to work, NASCAR being one of them.  Diversity engagement is the career path I want to pursue and I noticed NASCAR’s diversity initiatives were on the rise.  I felt as though there was and is an amazing opportunity to be apart of the evolution of a culture and a tradition at one of our nation’s most prominent sports, as NASCAR continues to diversify on and off the track.  The term diversity is more than demographics such as race, gender, age etc.  Diversity and inclusion is a commitment to change.  Its a commitment to being innovative in every aspect of business, especially in consideration of your key audiences.  There is an opportunity to extinguish the historical perception of this sport and celebrate the traditions of NASCAR with all types of sports fans.

Being a NASCAR Diversity Award recipient solidified my purpose and the impact on diversity engagement that I want to make.  Seeing young people, on their journey to great things, being awarded for their efforts is the reason why these programs need to continue, to give future generations inspirational figures to aspire to. NASCAR gave me insight into the power of diversity and inclusion, and how it can change generations to come. My parents, pictured above, worked hard and endured certain things so that I didn’t have to.  It was part of their journey to make a positive impact on my brothers and I, and I want to infuse that character and integrity into making an impact through a major organization such as NASCAR.  I am eternally grateful to NASCAR for giving me the courage to stand up for what I believe and creating a career path, for those such as myself, to make a difference.